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Angelic Boyish

Just like the previous sub-proj, I ended up visiting Yomenya twice to just stop trying the same thing that I always always always used to eat, Half half A. It became to the point where I didn't even have to look at the menu anymore, hence I had to try Mentaiko Shrimp. From Zw's experience, it seems that the taste is not strong etc but it's alright, just a portion of my focus this time, not main.

(Left - Half half A; Right - Mentaiko Shrimp. Photo credits to BFF Zw.)

With the purpose in mind, I noticed that definitely this place placed (rhythm intended) more emphasis on decoration environmental setting:

  • Icon of Yomenya Goemon. I have a few interpretations on this.

  1. It looks like a Nohmen, where it conveys an simple story elaborately, but adding expensive and royal accessories and backdrop to enhance lavishness. Drawn to the presentation of the dishes, and they show a similar side, where a simple plate can be added value to greatly solely through caviar-level ingredients. Just like the masks, with a very alike brown base but transformed dramatically simply from alterations of light and shadows, most of those pasta types are the same, but obvious differences are tasted with a wide variety/scope of pastes (that's how I call it right?).

  2. The name can also suggest the common occurrence of samurais either opening or frequently patronizing such (or this particular) venues. Putting aside that a famous character with the same name (long story involved) is deemed to have existed, whose personality is like Il Ji Mae, this adoption of group of persons may highlight its importance and significance in its society.

(Left - Brand Logo; Right - Famous Il ji Mae-like character)

  • The forever popular Maneki-neko. This fat cat adds on to the ancient/early-years image that the store wants to portray, indicating that the idea of boosting business profits using lucky ornaments is embraced by the enterprise and not eliminated. The selection is apt, as it also serves to accentuate their own country's traditions, as compared to other lucky motifs, such as '福' papers and horseshoe. [I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO CAN YOU BELIEBE IT T.T]

  • O-hashi. On a side note, I saw a food blogger underlining the presence of chopsticks, but did not elaborate on that. That is the kind of direction that i'm not heading, and I want to employ practical application of the food experience to consider cultural aspects of meals we face. Back to topic, to remove the usage of fork and spoon, tools that the original italian style spaghetti uses, does not confuse, but only made their identity of strong features and consistency even clearer.

Some things I felt could have been done better:

  • Chochin lamps. Lanterns were never really a feature of the traditional Japanese home, but of specialists stores instead, where its size is taken as measurement of success. It fits the image it hopes to convey and is coherent with other symbolisms in the store.

  • Dessert. Mainly it's me trying to justify it. Maybe things like Mochi or Dorayaki may be better. Well blame me also for the lack of Jap dessert knowledge to come up with more. Sorry not sorry.

Overall, I felt that for their concept at least, it easier to understand where their priorities are coming from, which is why the whole goals and aims are very important, just like how school-organization mindsets form.

Anyway Cafe etc is coming up next!! It's like not even Japanese, totally Italian, but nahaha that's the benefit of setting up parameters at the start... I can deviate! XD Teaser - I am going to focus on

  • their handling,

  • what region it is most likely from,

  • its significance and if it is portrayed,

  • and again, if Singapore is a suitable place for its development, from the viewpoint of a commoner.

I really hope I can write asap, but yah, I may also keep it to extend the frequency since for next few months no more time for me T.T. It's alright, look forward please! :)


Things Japanese, Page 102 & 103 (Nicholas Bornoff and Michael Freeman)

14th-Feb-2014 10:13 pm - Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Angelic Boyish

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just you and me crossing paths at a moment, and then we hit it off.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just two people seeking love in a wrong manner.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just two strangers who decided to get together they were surprised and lonely.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just individuals who did things together, minds and souls not aligned.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just an envision that was not meant for us, together.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
Maybe it was just one meeting another who could never have enough support.

Maybe there was never a 'us'.
Maybe it was just me asking for things that I don't even know.

Maybe there was never an 'us'.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry that I'm still dragging your time.

Maybe it's just time for us to work it out. And work it out on my side. Cuz I could never ask more from you without sounding too demanding, can I?

Maybe, it's really just my fault. I'm horrible as a partner, I guess. I just want to stay alone forever.

Angelic Boyish

As much as I want to start with my favourite restaurant, while I wait 'patiently' for Yomenya Day to come, mwahaha, I shall just pick experiences that I have had a while ago then, more content mah.

Do you know the reason why teppanyaki started? It was because the way of cooking meat captured the attention of foreigners (soldiers, missionaries, merchants etc. I believe). I guess it because the way the food is being tossed and so on, they don't get to see it in their 'classy' style of cooking, haha. Jamie Oliver isn't alive then k. It's not like the Japanese cooked that way as well; it was simply to entertain and attract customers. A performance it originated!

This time I sat down and really thought through the purpose of its design, process and significance.

  • Sadly I believe for economical and modern habit purposes, we no longer have like a row of seats where the performance still happens. We eat individually, stir for ourselves; where is that initial feel, and why is it removed?

  • When I sat down there, people come and go like they have not stayed for more than 10 minutes. From the documentary that I have watched, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, his restaurant would require people to actually reserve seats so that he can plan and cater his cooking for his audience (yes, i'm using this word). While here, we are at the other end of the spectrum, where we have our catering too, but solely because we are in total control. This support point 1 already I think.

  • The buying process reflects that of a fast-food centre, and sadly when I was there the only thing I could feel was the rushed pace of 'next, yes, ok, confirm, $55' etc lol, if you know what I mean. Yah, reminds me of Japan, Tokyo especially. In a bad way =.=|| The thing is, this doesn't happen in Japan itself I would say. Just look at the picture.

(The only reason that I could think of is probably because we have more people here who just does not expect this kind of service for the price range/standard given. This is how our culture functions, and how theirs are. Can't be helped. Different treatment :( )

  • I went there twice to eat Ham and Beef rice, and Scallop rice respectively. I didn't pick the other types because I get reminded of risotto (if only we have this), of which both absorbed the flavour from sauces. In this sense, no comparison is drawn by them as it is not even a part of the idea, but it keeps me contemplating for fun discoveries. Given the kind of ingredients used (it's practically the same as carbonara except white v.s. black honey and choice of carbohydrates.), psychologically I felt less of an attachment to the first plate as it was the scallop that brought images of the seas there and so on. Ham is italian, beef is Korean, period, which is why they could strive more to remove this notion.

In conclusion, the focus PepperLunch adopts is of the innovation they have made with the fresh (pun intended) technology of cooking, and but I question its point of heavily linking (comparable to Yoshinoya =.=||) Japanese identity to themselves. I know the Japanese brand is probably lucrative and with pride, but it's just like KFC Curry rice (improvised) and publicize like it's so amazing to the world, where in fact what others will want to see more is well, still the curry itself. The fact that it has so many outlets contributed to this bother also.

To think that I did not take any photos. I must start having the habit man. At least I can take one from Kai! :)

(You see, store identity not clear.)

(Updated) And Chris burnt his hand so I had to ask for first aid immediately. Scar formed.


See you again!


Italy, A Journey for Food Lovers, Page 182
11th-Jan-2014 04:39 pm - New Year, New Stuff
Angelic Boyish

Looking at how un-frequent my public postings (yes, explicits cannot be seen) are, I need to resurrect here man.

As I looked at my list of possible things to actually do, including individual random rants just for this blog of well, important-but-not-as-important stuff, surprisingly I decided to do something long-term. I have a choice of either Anatolian, Italian, Japanese cuisine or life in Singapore in the eyes and true interactions of those around us.

Of which I don't find the second as suitable. What if I say/record something controversial, or me being the expressive-offensive me, may just end up negatively on papers :S argh whatever. Anatolian is out at the moment since it's so exotic I have no way of commenting with my current level.

And then I realize surprisingly JapItalian is not any better. A search of books in a common library only gave me two like, 1/10 critique connecting food and culture.

(I'm so tempted to buy the one on the left, but shipping will definitely be very high from the US :( the right one has like a few pathetic pages on describing the types of links between Italian practices and food but it's good enough.)

A search online gives me nothing about current food and variations between fusion food and their origin as well. Location of the actual food is not taken into consideration as well. Just think about my favourite Yomenya Goemon. It's a Japanese Restaurant of Italian Pasta evolution situated in none of the two countries. How complex is that? I guess we may find less of such styles/occurrences in other places since we are a big melting pot of ethnicities.

Not to talk about existing reviews in Singapore, which is like not what I'm aiming for and therefore does not satisfy my hunger (pun intended) for what I want to know. Rarr. It's alright... I CREATE TO SUIT MYSELF. HAHAHA.

I'm most likely going to focus on:

  • Japltalian-Western (yes, a specific genre is enough) critique on how particular dishes/restaurant reflect its traditional features in little details

  • The catering of tastes to Singapore, and how it is more applicable than what it seems/perceived

  • Should it be promoted by the outlet, how authentic, or rather how improvised, something is and its purpose for so

  • Whether it adds on to the mixing of culture in various aspects.

What i'm NOT going to talk about:

  • A sequential narrative of my eating experience. I'm not here to say how cheap, beautiful, spicy etc. the food is. Unless of course, it pertains to the elaboration of changes mades, such as spices, the need for a wide variety of food.

  • Whether I like the food or not. Ok, maybe just a little from my subjective POV. XD

The posts in this blog may be edited ongoing to cater to my habit of increased perspectives from time to time. XD
Hope you enjoy! :)


On a side note, don't think I'm going to publicize this atm. Later people see like nothing much then forever dismiss my blog. Pray Google continue to be nice to me :))
23rd-Nov-2013 12:57 pm - 叫人心寒
Angelic Boyish



- Annoymous

Angelic Boyish

"However, don't force it and try to be something you’re not—including funny. “Nothing leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths like an accidentally insulting joke or string of bad puns,” she adds. And remember, even if the food is bad or the weather is poor, don't complain—you'll only end up killing the mood and appearing as a Debbie Downer."

- How To Make a Good Impression - Networking Skills - Woman's Day

Totally reminds me of someone. Argh *roll eyes* It's really not easy to offend me on first encounter, but yes, he did it.

30th-Oct-2013 05:36 pm(no subject)
Angelic Boyish
SM Entertainment is filled with beautiful people. That's it.

My life =.=
27th-Oct-2013 10:47 pm(no subject)
Angelic Boyish

Am doing Charlotte's Web analysis.
Totally killed Fern.

4th-Oct-2013 08:02 pm - #11
Angelic Boyish

Sometimes I end up in a very contemplative mood. When I get past my times spent with other people, my times spent with seoulbeats, buzzfeed etc. (=.= I know), my times pondering on the issues read and form my own opinions, my times learning and so on. Then I dig deep, really deep into my soul and remember and get bothered by things that I've put away for long. For so long. Things that haunt me. Things that shape my character from the impact that they give me. Things that I'm honestly not sure when I can put it down.

I'm supposed to be able to put them down as I mature. But sometimes I guess maturation hasn't come yet and the same feelings still get me. It seems like what I do before these times of contemplation are prologues and accumulations of what will tug at my heart strongly. And by strongly I probably mean things that I still feel for after years of happened.

At times like this I can hardly do anything. These emotions, which happened to be all but positive, makes me think, continuously think for long and long and long, until I have breaks like writing on my blog here or spend time with others again. Sometimes, these emotions are so strong nothing can help. I just get distracted while doing my daily stuff and so on.

This column has supposedly stopped more than three years back. But it just haunts me. So much that I cannot let go. Our time spent together was short. But I really liked him, I think. What bothered me so much was not how he may not have liked me that much after a while, but how much I've missed out on this altogether. I don't think about or imagine what might happen to us if we were together, but just the moment where he suddenly became missing in my life. I feel like I'm left there, hanging. Of which these kinds of feelings are not so strong in other cases, which I think about and just brush aside like it's pale. I guess it's because I really really liked him. He really, really captivated me and attracted me.

From time to time I still think about him and I look at facebook to see how he's doing. I don't have him as a friend because (1) I didn't have facebook at that time and (2) I've never added anyone before (srsly ✽ was an exception, never done that before) (3) I'm not sure what I truly want to expect from it. Do I want to see his updates from time to time? Do I still want to draw myself closer and still have nothing to happen, or do I prefer to wallow in mild tinges of indescribable feelings from time to time? I see him move on, do well in life, get attached and remain just as the usual him, thinking about life. Meanwhile I change from the circumstances I faced and to a personality of strong and etc. Somehow I've moved on to become a greater me, but I still cannot put down my thoughts for him.

When I walk past his school as I walk back to hall, I alway remember that he's in that school. Not as delved-deep as now, but just a passing thought, as I have not entered a state of soul-digging. I guess that's how people face adversities in daily life also, not emotioning too much. I hope i'll never see him again, because I don't expect any scenario that will be what I want. I don't even know what I want in fact. I don't want to be having the fact that he has a girlfriend on my mind also. Not that I want to be his girlfriend now. I would try but the whole longing for is not main. Which is why I said what bothered me most was the fact that we I missed out on him. I'm longing for something that I cannot get back.

I tried to move on with an open heart, but struggling with mild depression and setbacks in my life are not helping very much. I've grown to become someone that's strong and hardly beaten down. But at the same time, of course, I have and will gain some deficits in life. Losing comes with getting. I don't mind (as long as my mother's not touched, and my best ability to survive in life), though some deficits get to me once in a while. I'll jut have to learn how to cope. I've planned to be by myself with my mum for my time on Earth, but I guess I still have some time to craft my skills before it becomes my expertise.

Meanwhile I welcome new relationships. I won't be actively searching, it/they won't be my whole life (unlike someone whom I'm really sick of mentioning), I will take some effort to embrace them with open arms. But honestly those who know me know me. Those who know me know I have a hard time bringing people into my life. In the context of what just happened recently, I'm not one who can draw boundaries to what I should care and what I should not care easily once I treat them as a treasured friend. I'm learning, I'm trying, but you know I cannot face you if you are aware yet blind yourself of what I'm saying. I don't bear to see. I just want you to be honest while not hiding or rejecting what I want to know. And it will be great if you can be open to me yourself.


(I can't seem to get this concept when I apply in other people's context though.)

I wonder how many people's reading my blog. I recall that people just look at me from afar seeing my cold exterior, like I'm some Ice Queen (yes someone just used this term to describe the way I walk recently), while I wait for them to approach me with the most denial and coldness that I give subconsciously. If you happen to read this and you want to know me but just stops when you find that I seem to be not so open to share about myself, or you seem lost at what I feel about you, go on, try, don't give up on me.

I wish nothing but the best for you.

4th-Oct-2013 04:12 pm - Accept it and move on
Angelic Boyish
" 7. The person you can’t accept you’ve grown out of.
Sometimes you just don’t fit in each other’s lives anymore. It’s absolutely nothing to get upset about, just something to either work through or just let go of (yeah, yeah, easier said than done). But it’s in trying to make something work and fit that simply doesn’t that you’ll suffer the most. "

-7 Toxic People It’s Time To Let Go Of

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