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07 February 2016 @ 01:15 pm

It seems like the target beneficiaries of this programme are (incomplete) families in psychological difficulties or senior citizens living alone. In other words, old beneficiaries. I can see where they are coming from when one of the volunteers mentioned that sometimes, those who chooses to be financially independent, all they want is a word of concern; those who live alone, all they want is some company. I don't know. I've been trying to prepare for old life, and I didn't think being alone would be an impact on emotional health. Keeping oneself fulfilled and inspired has no relation with physical loneliness. However, it's been years that I hear this saying about no partner and craving for human interaction. It's getting to me slowly, I can see it being a possibility to change my mindset bit by bit if this continues. I don't want to change my mindset though, because looking at being alone and something sad, that itself is such a sad thought. Like, who subscribes to that form of self-looking-down? Somehow ok, the more I type, the more I'm getting back that idea that at least part of these 'old and lonely' people can in fact not feel that way with mere changes in lifestyle, and more importantly, in mindset. It's not easy, but with the determination and zest they have when they are younger, they can, with rejuvenation, reach even greater heights.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone :)
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31 January 2016 @ 02:29 pm
I cannot really remember what has happened in the past 1/2 months in detail other than a few key events. I feel like i'm just floating in life now, as usual or abnomal, I don't know. But lol, I made that a note that i'll write this.

We have been having multiple tutors in a module, and one of them is hmm, cute or sort of. YW agrees haha. Then apparently this baby-faced is married already! :O Was still wondering if he's attached or what. That escalates x)

And I did some makeup that day. Thank you a number of girls that complimented, and thank you to not one guy that complimented. Smh. Ok someone did notice that I spent effort on doing it, but that's that. I'd rather take it that I just don't seem good-looking enough witht that up-do, than have any post-comments from brainlesses saying how they don't dare, wanting to prevent misunderstandings, or am embarrassed to give compliments. Go f themselves, those people.

And happy Jan '16 full-month!
17 January 2016 @ 01:44 am
I guess they have both actual facial features, eyes and smile, and bright images that makes them look really similar.
Althought I have to admit, I do see Naeu as what knetz would describe at times, the pig face look, but I don't get that from Wendy. In this context, pig face does not indicate ugliness, plump physique etcetera. Rather, I found descriptions for this term, by comparing Wendy and Naeun, to see what brings out this difference.

I realized:
1) Naeun's nose bridge looks just ever so slightly curved, so it appears that her nose becomes like a continuation to a snout.
2) Naeun does not have jaws as defined as Wendy, giving a round impression.

Other than these reasons and Wendy's dimples, they can literally have a high chance to be mistaken as sisters.

Wendy                                                           Naeun

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15 January 2016 @ 01:24 am
I haven't posted ever since the holidays started, not even once omg lol.

I had wanted to post on the last day of 2015 to continue the tradition of the Lay post, but had never gotten around to do it. Busy ironing clothes, you know. I also wanted to start the year's posts with something positive, or at least neutral, so I'm still holding certain topics first. I don't want to schedule posts either, since I find the manual editing of the date very unnatural, as the time passes every second so it's hard to mimic the exact moment as when I post a truly current, now-written one.

But in any case, I finally found some understanding of why one of my facebook friends, P, was doing what he did. It's not something that I can't just post it one fb, but I guess I just don't want to make it awkward for him to read it and knowing that my update/status reaches exactly this amount of people too. I finally realized when I chanced upon this website, trafficlight.sg.

P basically bought around 9000 followers on instagram, or so he is being accused. Hence, his count dropped from 10000 to 1000 after the purge of fake/insctive accounts of the company, which to me is still an amazing number. Just why, I wondered, was he so interested in putting himself out there, way beyond what he is achieving, even going through unauthentic means? Isn't being recognized by the dozens, or hundreds, that always liked his posts enough?

Turns out there's a specialized social media outreach company, name as mentioned above, that has only Indian influencers in their list of 'celebrities', which refers to a signed group of people that are very popular on Instagram. A parallel example can be like, say Xiaxue and Nuffnang, you get the point. Which makes me guess perhaps P was trying to portray that and hopefully score a deal. It's feasible if it works, after all. Plus it's not like he too far from this goal. I even saw a lady with lesser followers than his listed on the company website.

Oh well, best of luck to everyone :) And happy Jan '16 half-month!
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24 November 2015 @ 04:35 pm
I saw a performance of Red Hot Chilli Peppers quite a while back and was like, omg why is their drummer Will Ferrell lol. Turned out his name is Chad Smith and well, he's the resident drummer member basically. They look alike right?! Everyone, or enough people think so for them to even make appearances like that xD

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15 November 2015 @ 12:07 am
When you really start to look into a kpop group (Seventeen in my case) and see which members are older than you so you don't feel so weird when fandoming the group as a whole, then you realise there are none. Like not even one. Even the oldest is three fat years younger than you.

Officially a noona :O Worse, for a bunch of thirteen people, all the members =.=||

And Vernon is the second youngest. Wah.

Fortunately the host, N from VIXX, is at least two years older, if not it'll be an epic kill haha.
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14 November 2015 @ 01:11 am
Omg I love Exciting India so much! :DD
13 November 2015 @ 11:31 am
I need stories to entice me.
Nice, sweet, stories that just puts me in peace and equilibrium.
I've been watching non-fiction for too long, singing, reacts, buzzfeed human semi-fiction, documentaries etc.


12 November 2015 @ 01:05 am

I realize we are really living in a very fortunate era, where conveniece from technology and more importantly, the availability of software resources, both online and downloadable, are just freely around for us to complete almost, or all if I dare to say with enough information, every basic function we need that we once have to either purchase or go around some ways to get it.

If I needed...

To type documents and create powerpoint slides

→ now Google Docs and Slides, I can even skip Prezi already, never liked and used it.

To photoshop some pictures
→ there are online, more basic equivalents, like literally called 'Photoshop Online Free'

To get space to store our files → Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

To get workings for questions → AMAZING online algorithm sites

To find the source of pictures → Google Images is super duper

To find directions
→ I can very much rely on StreetDirectory for SG routes (although I have to admit two things: 1) still more convenient on mobile one-handheld devices i.e. smartphones only, 2) will be used effeciently only when you have a good location foundation like me :) )

To renew books
→ on that website, no physical scanning needed. Can't transmit just like that when returning though, not like i'll ask for it also.

To buy or record songs → one word: 4shared

To watch videos → plenty of streaming sites

To call
→ Skype (have to admit it's still not near the same level as actual paid calls though, and other communcation apps are more restricted to moblie one-handheld devices i.e. smartphones)

Will add more when I recall :)))

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06 November 2015 @ 02:27 am

01 November 2015 @ 10:39 pm

I found out who Kim Hyun Sook is after reading a k-net comment that Min looks like her afer her weight gain.
Well in fact that topic has been on a roll with multiple/articles calling her out for no longer having a regard for her image. Objectively, it's true that her jaw line can no longer be seen. How we interpret it is then definitely based on many things.

Some things to consider are
(1) Asian context, where people on average are smaller built
(2) Celebrity context, where as a girl group member not specifically required to become larger to meet certain              requirement, e.g. comeback concept
(3) Korean context, where looks are key and may turn into overly 'strict' at times
(4) Illness context (benefit of doubt), where harsh comments, hormone imbalance from industry stress or revived        condition may have caused the change
(5) Personal context, where she decides that it's her choice to present how she's like and people should actually             accept that unless she herself doesn't like it (I actually like this possibility a lot)

So these above reasons probably makes a tie as to which side people prefer to lean on to judge.

It doesn't help that
(1) her stint on Mask Best Singer was dubbed THE WORST
(2) Miss A's discord in general paints the three members in a more negative light
(3) She's deemed ugly more than enough :(

But regardless, let's just see how and observe further. Meanwhile, can't deny there are smilarities between Min and Kim Hyun Sook. If the latter looks familiar, that's because she acted as the female lead's true friend in the movie 200 Pounds Beauty, ring a bell?

Min                                                                           Kim Hyun Sook



27 October 2015 @ 01:38 pm

I googled the word 'tired' appearing on my blog, surprisingly not much, twice.
Perhaps the search is limited, I don't know.
I tried 'sick' instead, and found out I've used it three times already just on the homepage i.e. recent entries, but that's the only thing found.

I am just damn tired and sick now tbh.
I am sick of the module. I am sick of sitting here and just, listening and watching. I'm supposed to learn but clearly inhibited by whatever I'm feeling now.
I wonder if it's because I've not had breakfast, that I've only had biscuits, or that my combination of the tight dress at the chest makes my heart pound. Or that there are no other reasons - I'm just tired.

I need to run away, go away. Leave the class because I just want to stone outside, doing nothing, but my mind can't let intercept at that moment as well.

I don't actually crave such breaks all the time, although I do remember looking forward to it every week when I was in my contract school. I loved the moments where I can sit down and chill fully during work, not like some half-assed effort at unwinding doing my own stuff amid seconds-breaks in lessons or trying to multitask.

But I will never want to go back for such minor perks, in fact they are not perks because they are not extra, they are necessary to balance the atrocity.

Now as I sit at NTU North Spine typing this, taking the short amount of time to just say something, I think about my privilege, with my Subway untouched by my side. As much as I hope this will last me for the whole day, which is unpredictable given my condition now, it's either I eat a lot or don't feel like eating much, I wonder how much lesser can other people afford. The difference is apparent in where I'm sitting, among the fast food areas where, although it is also not true because of the increasing prices in food courts in general. At this point I don't care if my thoughts are flawed, sometimes you are just too tired to catch them I suppose.

And my hands just get tired from the incorrect proportions of my hand, the chair, and the table.

But I still feel like I want to sit here, till the nights, albeit not knowing the difference nighttime can bring, and how long my arm muscles can last me. I don't feel overly cold or hot with a jacket, and that's good. But I wonder if the quieter atmosphere at night will accentuate little conversations, bringing them above the level of white noise.

Maybe I should just get that McDonalds set that I was craving yesterday night, no doubt my heart beat might very well get even faster again, from the high cholestrol or excessive tea, I don't know.

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23 October 2015 @ 02:34 am
Not a good idea be watching a food anime at 2am with a unfilled stomach. Ate some creakers and caviar but the food looked simply so amazing. Somehow I've been really wanting to watch this, have a tab opened for it on all my devices. Chiong-ed all 12 episodes at once - 20 min 20 s in total.

Yum yum. Now can I have some too please.

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21 October 2015 @ 03:12 pm




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14 October 2015 @ 02:12 pm

" You can marry someone even if they don't share the same interests as you.

   You can't marry someone who doesn't tolerate your interests. "

                                             - SB-iPhone, 2ch.net

Story from

13 September 2015 @ 04:29 pm
I got lazy to type. So I used the speak and type online function to do my essay. Wah nice.
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07 September 2015 @ 07:35 pm

I once read from NUS confessions that someone was fortunate that he/she isn't in the same school as Han Hui Hui, as, to put it briefly, she's a shameful person that shows no gratitude. I think the fact that her gratefulness for the country is mixed up with how she can have and express her opinion in this widely-promoted democratic society is backward and incoherent thinking. Does anything think that she will be speaking up if she does not even care about our place and its people? What is the point of spending money for election registration in the first place, that huge amount of money, if she is not going to say her piece? Well, she is, and that alone is commendable. I may or may not agree with her stand, but her strength to stand up is enough for people to be respecting her at least to some extent.

Shame on you for having a degree education yet becoming a self-shutting blind sheep that opposes any harm to your empty ideas of authoritarianship.

28 August 2015 @ 09:51 am

Is this you showing me what it can happen if I step on your line?
So why can't I show you what happens if you step on mine?


This friendship feels like a couple breaking up and getting back together.
This is not the first time.
Every single time, it's like limbo.
You feel like giving up hope.
But at the same time you wonder if the coping mechanism on the other side was just so to retain the frienship.
Most friendships don't behave this way.
They either break away altogether, or they bounce back in a short amount of this.

Every single time this happens, I don't know if this is the end or this is just temporary.
But it's getting harder with every single time it happens.
I hate it when people turn away, but I hate it more if they come back again and again, threatening my fragile emotions that has tried to settle for the change.
I could always take on a superior position and never accept you back again, but truth to be told, the heart wants what it wants.

This is toxic.
I'm sick and tired of this.
I guess we are bringing hurt to the both of us.
This is happening two times too much.
I don't treasure you anymore.

It takes a few days to sink in that this is never coming back.
I gave myself days to settle down.
And I'm not going to look back.

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23 August 2015 @ 03:36 pm
I am so saddened by the state that minks in breeding fur farms live in. Why? Why put them to live like that?

"Mink that express so-called stereotypical behavior, endless repetitive motion without purpose, a feeble attempt at dealing with stress and frustration."

Am I like a mink?
Do I repeat what I do without purpose, in attempt to excape what I really go to focus on?
Why am I running away?
Am I doing things that will neither keep me away from my stress nor actually face them?

I am sick.
What is my feeble attempt at dealing with stress and frustration?
Do I see signs from time to time that reveals my inner heart?

What am I?
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22 August 2015 @ 02:11 pm

I guess somehow this video leaves a poignant feel. You know you filters at the end, arh how artistic.