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12 July 2016 @ 08:57 pm

When you feel like you have seen this face before and you watch Pitch Perfect. Turns out ;)
It's the cheekbones, jaws, ears. Anna has deeper-set eyes, and narrower forehead, but that's about the only differences.

Anna Kendrick                                                         Tina Fey

It's been really busy since school term has started. I haven't managed to settle down, which means my table is still in a mess and I have a ton of things to do. Let's just hope I pull through Jul '16 half-month with pupils that do not have to make me shout and potentially destroy my beautiful voice again :)

01 July 2016 @ 12:08 am

Dated 4 August 2015: Yoobin and Hyorin Confirmed for UPR2

Still remembered I rolled my eyes at this. So the main singer of Sistar, who happens to be a group I loathe, is joining this?
'Bet she's gonna sing-rap her way through', and yes she totally did. She tried, but it was a joke. Her lines were substandard as well. This also goes on to show how bad Bora might be, that she's not representing the group.
Same goes for 4Minute's case where Jiyoon went, instead of Hyuna. But then again, Hyuna has released her own solos with 'raps', at least that's something, plus her public recognition means she did not need the exposure.

All I know is Hyorin must have joined because she fits the first criteria, and Yoobin must have joined because she fits the second criteria. Look at the title to know what I'm saying :/

Jun '16 full-month also marks both my entrance into mid-twenties and a permanent position at a job.
Yeah, I think it's reasonable that I start working full-time at this age.

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27 May 2016 @ 09:18 pm
I wrote this piece under the word limit of 140 words for this competition. I was to answer the question

What would you do if the Eiffel Tower Apartment was all yours for the night?

I have no idea if I had to cover the feature and facilities of the place. I have not seen an accompanying article on it anyway. I felt that my words expresses my emotions more.

Chill like a true Parisian.
Eat my quiche, face the window, people-watch.
Wear the most stylish outfit I have.
Pose like a pro, use my filters, act like I know what I'm doing.
Bask in the atmosphere.
Breathe in the air that this side of Earth will never have.
Convince myself that it is romance that brings such serenity.
Admire the graffiti amongst the old, half-worn buildings.
Squint my eyes and observe the idealised images between all.
Let my view skip past the complexity on the streets.
Stay with the stereotypes of the city.
Be blind to the social and cultural trends amidst its many recent challenges.
Maintain my role as a tourist.
Wrapped in the comfort of the Apartment.

It turns out that the requirement was 140 characters, not words. I cut all except the last two lines for the submission.

Cheers, May '16 full-month.

14 May 2016 @ 04:49 pm
Have always felt that they are just the actor version and singer version of the same entity lol what am I saying.
They may or may not give different vibes, but it's the features man.

Gong Hyo Jin (First) and Soyu (Second)

Gong Hyo Jin (First) and Soyu (Second)

To May '16 half-month! :)
08 May 2016 @ 02:08 pm
Do you enjoy dressing up? What was the last time that you dressed up significantly? Was it for a special event, or just because you felt like doing it? What was the outfit that you wore?
I don't particularly enjoy dressing up for the sake of it, but rather the connotations that
1) I can still fit into my clothes after a long time
2) I can wear clothes that have gone out of fashion by wearing them stylishly
3) I can put hand-me-downs in good use

This pretty much explains my patterns in dressing up I realise. Why I do not do make-up, why I only want to wear two-piece outfits on free days and when in the mood, why I do not put clothes under the Home section unless the condition goes bad.

The last time I dressed up was for hosting a concert on 28 Feb this year, a black almost-maxi dress. Something amazing happened, and I'm just happy :)

To Apr '16 full-month. <3
21 April 2016 @ 11:16 pm
This is easily my favourite anime or at least on the tops list, albeit not having watched many myself.
I have so much overflowing emotions, it's the kind of show that will stick with me for a long long time.
I chionged it within around 2.5 hours even though I'm supposed to study now, but this is the kind I think is heartwarming and worth the time.
It's what will make me just really want to share and post about it to conclude my feelings.

To Apr '16 half-month. <3
24 March 2016 @ 10:23 am

I suddenly wonder what being emotionally hungover is called. Pensive?

Anyway, here's Mar '16 full-month!

18 March 2016 @ 12:07 am

I've been trying to sleep since 10.20pm and here i am, awake. I might have given up just for a short while to sleep, before I get back to my bed. I will Google on possible reason(s) for why I can't sleep.

Anyway, I'll just post a random song from 1999 that comes into my brain right now. I've seen a Buzzfeed video that seemingly random thoughts are not so coincidental sometimes, so who knows, maybe when I look back at this i'll know why.

Crystal Snow was born from my flowing tears
From one drop to the next one, then starting to disappear

Risking on an instant light of human life
There’s nothing left to say, so I close my mouth tightly
In a silence, feelings that I ignored begin to freeze …

You won’t see the white impurity, because it’s snow
It’ll soon gone
You won’t see the white impurity, because it’s snow
It’s easy to leave a wound on somebody

Quietly creeping in, in the end I become worry
Innocently I think I’ve overacted when I thank you
With a small sigh, leaving white prints
I can’t move in a locked world
And my hand become completely chilled
Can’t feel warmth anymore
And I begin to freeze …

Before I knew the meaning of being born
Everybody’s worry of not surviving anymore
People’s laugh is being wasted away
Totally confused – need help laughing

The gathered falling snow
Even as a proof of your living, the left white begin to disappear

Somewhere far out there I can hear the little boy’s voice
Footprints of white snow …

Regardless, cheers to Mar '16 half-month!

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02 March 2016 @ 02:42 pm

After watching Youtube for like, four straight full days, I'm tired (of it). I had four days to myself, so it's really kind of from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them. Imagine how many hours that is. I now just want to switch things up with work. Usually I can do things for long once I start, sometimes with breaks and sometimes without, but this was just basically saturation. I don't even think I want to be eating and watching anymore. I may just probably sit down and eat quietly. I do things to the extreme, I know, it's either I don't or I do it to the max till I'm done or I crash, whichever comes first.

I'm gong, or blur now as some will say, but I welcome this peace and end.

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29 February 2016 @ 09:26 pm

OMG like finally. I'm not sure why, if it's because I can't find enough information and articles on it without social media, that I don't feel like the hype is enough yet. Like I feel empty after waiting for this for so long :O

Congratulations with all my heart, what a long-awaited moment.

Happy Feb '16 full-month!
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(I will update this for any errors when I finish the show)

Basically you already know that Empress Ki is a pseudo-history drama because duh, for the sensationalization, ratings, and filling up numerous spaces that can't be by those mere few lines at every stage in all history books. But look what I found, with some things that spoiled the amazing collaboration between Tuotuo and Consort Ki:

  • The Bayan removal coup was staged purely by Emperor Huizong and Tuotuo, without mention of Consort Ki at any instant. So ok, this collaboration detail can technically be added because there's nothing to dispute it either.

  • BUT always remember, Empress Ki DID NOT STAGE IT.

  • Emperor Huizong did not die immediately at the Bayan coup.

  • The rebellion was staged by Red Turban Rebellion, not his personal eunuch and Empress Dowager. So, no extreme drama there in real history.

  • And I will supposed that Eagle Rock Traders didn't exist at that time either, for that.

  • This is the part that gets T.T . Basically Empress Ki supported that stupid kid Ayushiridara in falsely accusing Tuotuo for corruption, for some useless, jealous enemy. For fear of betrayal, Emperor Huizong really stripped him of his dignities. This was around a decade down the road after the Bayan coup. WTS.

  • He was poisoned by the enemy eventually while in exile. F this.

  • Empress Ki is CORRUPT. Around the same time as she supported the false accusation of Tuotuo, she had a personal office just to impose tax for her own personal use. Her family in Korea had the same behaviour as well. No wonder they were all killed eventually by King Gongmin. Good decision.

  • King Chunghye, which Wang Yoo was based on, was a ruler famous for abducting, killing and raping women. Very negatively different from the image he has in Empress Ki. And no, I don' think Consort Ki and him were ever romantically involved. Again, this detail can be added because there's nothing to dispute it. BUT then again, he really did come to Yanjing after being overthrown by previous king Chung-suk, indeed to release Goryeo from Yuan control, and became her trusted confidant. Hmm, fishy.

And these are other real details that are either commendable or interesting:

  • Tuotuo really was an amazing historian that served the country smartly and loyally till the end. How charming.

  • Tuotuo has a father. Yes, to remove details, it has never been mentioned in the drama, but he returned to Gansu around four years after the Bayan coup/being the Great Chancellor to be with him. He was sick, because come on, he reversed all those mistakes, which in my opinion, is harder than trying to create something new and grand.

  • He gracefully accepted the decree (肚量真大!), and ordered his troops to listen to the new commander. But of course such a legendary person has tons of loyal supporting soldiers, and they left, being unhappy.

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16 February 2016 @ 12:14 am

I'm just so bad at Chinese history. Ok like I mean relatively bad, much much leseser than what I want to know and what I expect myself to already know. I do think I won't fare as badly as a handful of people out there. Anyway, I couldn't even confidently list the sequence of all the dynasties, but now I can, at least the main ones. I can kind of state briefly the borders by who's the main tribe/race/people in that dynasty, but every dynasty always has small parts that break away, those are the one that I cannot point out more than a few. I used to study this briefly back in CCH. I still have the two-part series, of which the second one hasn't even been touched at all my by school =.= But for years I had set a goal to read them, they are still in my bedroom. I will, it's just how long i'll take to get there. I'm reading the Pig book now, you know.

Credit all these to Empress Ki man, what a beloved, precious show. I'm not at the end yet because no, I never go faster than the TV. It's just my habit, like I can watch it on the TV when I want to, and bonus, together with my mum. If I had watched it already it's like spoiling the surprise + rewatching it, which I know some people do so, and by their words, they need to, becuase they will forget the contents next time. I don't.

And Jin Yi-Han is just so damn handsome. I haven't checked out more than like, five of his modern photos yet, or rememeber at least five of his modern photos. But damn.

Let's put a smiley face as opposed to his usually cool image in the show! :D

Happy Feb '16 half-month!

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07 February 2016 @ 01:15 pm

It seems like the target beneficiaries of this programme are (incomplete) families in psychological difficulties or senior citizens living alone. In other words, old beneficiaries. I can see where they are coming from when one of the volunteers mentioned that sometimes, those who chooses to be financially independent, all they want is a word of concern; those who live alone, all they want is some company. I don't know. I've been trying to prepare for old life, and I didn't think being alone would be an impact on emotional health. Keeping oneself fulfilled and inspired has no relation with physical loneliness. However, it's been years that I hear this saying about no partner and craving for human interaction. It's getting to me slowly, I can see it being a possibility to change my mindset bit by bit if this continues. I don't want to change my mindset though, because looking at being alone and something sad, that itself is such a sad thought. Like, who subscribes to that form of self-looking-down? Somehow ok, the more I type, the more I'm getting back that idea that at least part of these 'old and lonely' people can in fact not feel that way with mere changes in lifestyle, and more importantly, in mindset. It's not easy, but with the determination and zest they have when they are younger, they can, with rejuvenation, reach even greater heights.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone :)
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31 January 2016 @ 02:29 pm
I cannot really remember what has happened in the past 1/2 months in detail other than a few key events. I feel like i'm just floating in life now, as usual or abnomal, I don't know. But lol, I made that a note that i'll write this.

We have been having multiple tutors in a module, and one of them is hmm, cute or sort of. YW agrees haha. Then apparently this baby-faced is married already! :O Was still wondering if he's attached or what. That escalates x)

And I did some makeup that day. Thank you a number of girls that complimented, and thank you to not one guy that complimented. Smh. Ok someone did notice that I spent effort on doing it, but that's that. I'd rather take it that I just don't seem good-looking enough witht that up-do, than have any post-comments from brainlesses saying how they don't dare, wanting to prevent misunderstandings, or am embarrassed to give compliments. Go f themselves, those people.

And happy Jan '16 full-month!
17 January 2016 @ 01:44 am
I guess they have both actual facial features, eyes and smile, and bright images that makes them look really similar.
Althought I have to admit, I do see Naeu as what knetz would describe at times, the pig face look, but I don't get that from Wendy. In this context, pig face does not indicate ugliness, plump physique etcetera. Rather, I found descriptions for this term, by comparing Wendy and Naeun, to see what brings out this difference.

I realized:
1) Naeun's nose bridge looks just ever so slightly curved, so it appears that her nose becomes like a continuation to a snout.
2) Naeun does not have jaws as defined as Wendy, giving a round impression.

Other than these reasons and Wendy's dimples, they can literally have a high chance to be mistaken as sisters.

Wendy                                                           Naeun

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15 January 2016 @ 01:24 am
I haven't posted ever since the holidays started, not even once omg lol.

I had wanted to post on the last day of 2015 to continue the tradition of the Lay post, but had never gotten around to do it. Busy ironing clothes, you know. I also wanted to start the year's posts with something positive, or at least neutral, so I'm still holding certain topics first. I don't want to schedule posts either, since I find the manual editing of the date very unnatural, as the time passes every second so it's hard to mimic the exact moment as when I post a truly current, now-written one.

But in any case, I finally found some understanding of why one of my facebook friends, P, was doing what he did. It's not something that I can't just post it one fb, but I guess I just don't want to make it awkward for him to read it and knowing that my update/status reaches exactly this amount of people too. I finally realized when I chanced upon this website, trafficlight.sg.

P basically bought around 9000 followers on instagram, or so he is being accused. Hence, his count dropped from 10000 to 1000 after the purge of fake/insctive accounts of the company, which to me is still an amazing number. Just why, I wondered, was he so interested in putting himself out there, way beyond what he is achieving, even going through unauthentic means? Isn't being recognized by the dozens, or hundreds, that always liked his posts enough?

Turns out there's a specialized social media outreach company, name as mentioned above, that has only Indian influencers in their list of 'celebrities', which refers to a signed group of people that are very popular on Instagram. A parallel example can be like, say Xiaxue and Nuffnang, you get the point. Which makes me guess perhaps P was trying to portray that and hopefully score a deal. It's feasible if it works, after all. Plus it's not like he too far from this goal. I even saw a lady with lesser followers than his listed on the company website.

Oh well, best of luck to everyone :) And happy Jan '16 half-month!
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24 November 2015 @ 04:35 pm
I saw a performance of Red Hot Chilli Peppers quite a while back and was like, omg why is their drummer Will Ferrell lol. Turned out his name is Chad Smith and well, he's the resident drummer member basically. They look alike right?! Everyone, or enough people think so for them to even make appearances like that xD

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15 November 2015 @ 12:07 am
When you really start to look into a kpop group (Seventeen in my case) and see which members are older than you so you don't feel so weird when fandoming the group as a whole, then you realise there are none. Like not even one. Even the oldest is three fat years younger than you.

Officially a noona :O Worse, for a bunch of thirteen people, all the members =.=||

And Vernon is the second youngest. Wah.

Fortunately the host, N from VIXX, is at least two years older, if not it'll be an epic kill haha.
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14 November 2015 @ 01:11 am
Omg I love Exciting India so much! :DD
13 November 2015 @ 11:31 am
I need stories to entice me.
Nice, sweet, stories that just puts me in peace and equilibrium.
I've been watching non-fiction for too long, singing, reacts, buzzfeed human semi-fiction, documentaries etc.