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17 February 2016 @ 12:28 am
(I will update this for any errors when I finish the show)

Basically you already know that Empress Ki is a pseudo-history drama because duh, for the sensationalization, ratings, and filling up numerous spaces that can't be by those mere few lines at every stage in all history books. But look what I found, with some things that spoiled the amazing collaboration between Tuotuo and Consort Ki:

  • The Bayan removal coup was staged purely by Emperor Huizong and Tuotuo, without mention of Consort Ki at any instant. So ok, this collaboration detail can technically be added because there's nothing to dispute it either.

  • BUT always remember, Empress Ki DID NOT STAGE IT.

  • Emperor Huizong did not die immediately at the Bayan coup.

  • The rebellion was staged by Red Turban Rebellion, not his personal eunuch and Empress Dowager. So, no extreme drama there in real history.

  • And I will supposed that Eagle Rock Traders didn't exist at that time either, for that.

  • This is the part that gets T.T . Basically Empress Ki supported that stupid kid Ayushiridara in falsely accusing Tuotuo for corruption, for some useless, jealous enemy. For fear of betrayal, Emperor Huizong really stripped him of his dignities. This was around a decade down the road after the Bayan coup. WTS.

  • He was poisoned by the enemy eventually while in exile. F this.

  • Empress Ki is CORRUPT. Around the same time as she supported the false accusation of Tuotuo, she had a personal office just to impose tax for her own personal use. Her family in Korea had the same behaviour as well. No wonder they were all killed eventually by King Gongmin. Good decision.

  • King Chunghye, which Wang Yoo was based on, was a ruler famous for abducting, killing and raping women. Very negatively different from the image he has in Empress Ki. And no, I don' think Consort Ki and him were ever romantically involved. Again, this detail can be added because there's nothing to dispute it. BUT then again, he really did come to Yanjing after being overthrown by previous king Chung-suk, indeed to release Goryeo from Yuan control, and became her trusted confidant. Hmm, fishy.

And these are other real details that are either commendable or interesting:

  • Tuotuo really was an amazing historian that served the country smartly and loyally till the end. How charming.

  • Tuotuo has a father. Yes, to remove details, it has never been mentioned in the drama, but he returned to Gansu around four years after the Bayan coup/being the Great Chancellor to be with him. He was sick, because come on, he reversed all those mistakes, which in my opinion, is harder than trying to create something new and grand.

  • He gracefully accepted the decree (肚量真大!), and ordered his troops to listen to the new commander. But of course such a legendary person has tons of loyal supporting soldiers, and they left, being unhappy.

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