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08 May 2016 @ 02:08 pm
Writer's Block: Looking Great!  
Do you enjoy dressing up? What was the last time that you dressed up significantly? Was it for a special event, or just because you felt like doing it? What was the outfit that you wore?
I don't particularly enjoy dressing up for the sake of it, but rather the connotations that
1) I can still fit into my clothes after a long time
2) I can wear clothes that have gone out of fashion by wearing them stylishly
3) I can put hand-me-downs in good use

This pretty much explains my patterns in dressing up I realise. Why I do not do make-up, why I only want to wear two-piece outfits on free days and when in the mood, why I do not put clothes under the Home section unless the condition goes bad.

The last time I dressed up was for hosting a concert on 28 Feb this year, a black almost-maxi dress. Something amazing happened, and I'm just happy :)

To Apr '16 full-month. <3