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01 July 2016 @ 12:08 am
Throwback: Unpretty Rap Star 2  

Dated 4 August 2015: Yoobin and Hyorin Confirmed for UPR2

Still remembered I rolled my eyes at this. So the main singer of Sistar, who happens to be a group I loathe, is joining this?
'Bet she's gonna sing-rap her way through', and yes she totally did. She tried, but it was a joke. Her lines were substandard as well. This also goes on to show how bad Bora might be, that she's not representing the group.
Same goes for 4Minute's case where Jiyoon went, instead of Hyuna. But then again, Hyuna has released her own solos with 'raps', at least that's something, plus her public recognition means she did not need the exposure.

All I know is Hyorin must have joined because she fits the first criteria, and Yoobin must have joined because she fits the second criteria. Look at the title to know what I'm saying :/

Jun '16 full-month also marks both my entrance into mid-twenties and a permanent position at a job.
Yeah, I think it's reasonable that I start working full-time at this age.

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