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15 August 2016 @ 06:32 pm
Go Ara and Hello Venu's Nara (ft. Winner's Kim Jinwoo and Hello Venue Alice)  

Hmm they have similar names.

All I hear of Go Ara was that she's from SM, she appears at their joint tours at times, barely average in acting skills and she starrs with our Yunho in that soccer serial drama that is cut from 20 to 16 episodes, because the story was so bad nobody wants to watch it :S The discs are still sitting on my shelf untouched.

As for Hello Venus, if I have any impression of anyone, it would have only been Alice beause she looks like our crossdressed 'Rachel Kim' during one of her promotion periods :O I stopped the screen once randomly while watching their Sticky Sticky music video and got a shock when I came because they looked so alike. Oh well I can't find the screencap I took so hope this can still illustrate well.

Jinwoo (first) and Alice (second)

Moving on, I, well, only noitced Nara recently because *ding ding* this lady suddenly strickes me as looking super alike with Go Ara.

Go Ara (first) and Nara (second)

I think what ultimately pull them away from looking like fraternal twins are their face shapes. Most of the time it doesn't really matter, but I guess in this context it does strike some difference.

Go Ara (first) and Nara (second)

Somehow it's good that at least we had a Natonal Day through weekend holiday (5 days) in Aug '16 half-month :)