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30 August 2016 @ 11:14 pm
Katherine Mcphee and Ming Bridges  

I had originally wanted to add Emma Watsons in to form a trio but decided not to since, oh well, when I really get to it, I can't find pictures that justify ot at least illustrate reasonable amount of semblance.

The main similarity between the pair will be the smile, eyes and vibes given off at times. They are not the most alike among those that my mind had linked and highlighted, but it will not be far off if tey are misrecognized as sisters as well.

FYI, Kat is

  • a lead of one of my favourite TV shows Scorpion (which reminds me to check if Season 3 is out alr)

  • in a relationship with a male lead of the same show (real-life couple fulfilled, instead of the push and pull that went on for 2 whole seasons. Oh well, storylines.)

  • a alumni from American Idol

  • someone that I found familiar when I started watching the show but never got point out previous sources certainly. It's ok :)

Meanwhile, Ming is

  • from Teens Star Search, of which the magazine itself is gone now

  • remains one of the 3 ony relatively prominent contestants to have come out from the competition, together with Nathan Hartona (respectable) and Dawn Yeoh (bitch, based on reviews, reliable or not)

Katherine (first) and Ming (second)

Katherine (first) and Ming (second)

I need to learn how to become a better person, more for myself, and then also for those around me. Aug '16 full-month has gone through some downs, such as in my relationship (we need to break the cycles of decreased contact) and at work (I'm lagging for handing in weekly lesson plans). It's hard to cope now, but I've got to, and I know at the end of this period, I will turn out stronger than before. Or go slightly nuts, which I think is less likely.

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