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18 March 2016 @ 12:07 am
Sleepless midnight  

I've been trying to sleep since 10.20pm and here i am, awake. I might have given up just for a short while to sleep, before I get back to my bed. I will Google on possible reason(s) for why I can't sleep.

Anyway, I'll just post a random song from 1999 that comes into my brain right now. I've seen a Buzzfeed video that seemingly random thoughts are not so coincidental sometimes, so who knows, maybe when I look back at this i'll know why.

Crystal Snow was born from my flowing tears
From one drop to the next one, then starting to disappear

Risking on an instant light of human life
There’s nothing left to say, so I close my mouth tightly
In a silence, feelings that I ignored begin to freeze …

You won’t see the white impurity, because it’s snow
It’ll soon gone
You won’t see the white impurity, because it’s snow
It’s easy to leave a wound on somebody

Quietly creeping in, in the end I become worry
Innocently I think I’ve overacted when I thank you
With a small sigh, leaving white prints
I can’t move in a locked world
And my hand become completely chilled
Can’t feel warmth anymore
And I begin to freeze …

Before I knew the meaning of being born
Everybody’s worry of not surviving anymore
People’s laugh is being wasted away
Totally confused – need help laughing

The gathered falling snow
Even as a proof of your living, the left white begin to disappear

Somewhere far out there I can hear the little boy’s voice
Footprints of white snow …

Regardless, cheers to Mar '16 half-month!

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Current Mood: Troubled