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04 February 2017 @ 12:33 am
Feb '17 Start  

Hello all.

It's been two and a half months since I last posted. I've missed the countdown post, which I have done for the past few years.

I refrain from talking about Captain Chonlathorn's birthday, simply because I don't want to jinx it, whatever that I my be jinx-ing. He, together with Whitewo Nawat and all of Lovesick Series, is too precious that I take measures just to protect my heart and their position in my life.

To sum up the stats for last year's 2k16 semi-month project, I've complete 19/24, which mean I miss only five posts, of which I have renamed posts at the back to cover up for absent posts :) This is a good result actually considering how it makes me post indeed often enough, and easy to pick up again as a routine also. I will hence continue into 2k17 semi-month project, which I have already missed 2 posts technically, but who cares *smirk*.

I want to mainly clear a few tabs that have been open on my Macbook since a few months ago, as with most other look-alike post inspirations.

First, look-alikes. The final, final last look-alike tabe that I have opened, or at least what I observe now.


Come on, you cannot disagree with this too far away. They both

  • have large ears

  • short

  • give wise words

  • wear robes

I'm not saying that whoever else that fits these four descriptions means they look alike as well, but it's the aura they give, you know, how can I describe that feeling man.

There's even a combined picture created conveniently for my usage, how great :))))

*determined, friendly death stares*

Also, I want to continue to touch on the topic of /\.

If He Does These 16 Things Without Being Asked, He's a Grown-Ass Man (November 7, 2016)

Honestly, before I elaborate on the relevance of the article to me and my relationship, I should first share recent updates first. He has come for my family reunion dinner. We've had a night of staycation with my mum, of which I was the first to doze off. Without bathing of course duh. Meanwhile, we, or he eventually, has brought up the topic that we separate in March. Whatever the case this may be and how we may go, I just want to go and feel the vibes, and... it's positive. I feel happy. I like it that he insisted on picking me up to go to my grandma's house. I like it that we spend time laughing and just hanging out. He's financially strapped, so I volunteer or even insisted in paying for things, but I'm still happy because I'm willing. I had stomach flu for the first time in life, have been resting at home for two days already, and have not told him. He hasn't asked anything since pre-doctor's visit (he doesn't know), because I didn't reply him, but I don't mind enough to think about it. It's the positive vibes and that I do hear from him :)


Anyway, random points from the article,

1) He tells me how he feels about me, which is how I know that, as of the previous fight, I am yet the girl that he can confidently be with for a long long time to come. But that's a while back and I just like to put it behind me. At least I'm not guessing about negative things.

3) He tried. He tried to keep his hostel clean and I really, really appreciate it, which I why when I went to his hall, I only had to rearrange things and ask him to wash a pile of clothes that he took out from his luggage, which he felt they needed to be washed to be worn first. His standards are originally not high already so I really like it that he's trying. He even ironed that pile of clothes that I told him to.

5) Yup, I'm honestly always the one raising the voice, he hardly does it (please, please don't jinx this), I'm changing this :))

6) I believe we are proud of each other, at least I feel it I hope :)

7) His goals are not the clearest, come on he's so young, but I know he's working towards a direction and that's what matters ^^

I'm a bit ambiguous for the next few points. Let's just put it here and there :)

15) Recently he has been putting down his phone more. Like I used to get irritated, very irritated in fact, when he uses his ohone. I'm not that sure if it's that I no longer mind him using his phone to find things to talk to me about, he truly no longer uses his phone that much, or I'm just happy xD

16) Nah not all the time. If he agrees with what my mum says about me, he'll put it in a very nice way that he supports her arguments and theories too lol.

I don't think it's that I don't like teaching, but I'm too lazy to do any actual shit planning. I feel horrible when I step into class prepared substandardly, and I feel horrible thinking about lesson planning that I have to do. I got to go back to the old system that I implemented late last year: get eight hours of work clocked in in school (i.e. till 3.30pm) or till meetings and supplementary class ends, whichever is longer. I can no longer think that, just because I have lesser periods to teach this year, I can go back home too early... and too often. At least that's how I feel. I realise that being able to go back early doesn't make me happy in the long run, only short bursts of momentary happiness, it doens't last more than a couple hours. I need to clear my work and go back home truly free and happy, for at least a while longer, like a whole day or weekend. Get shit done, man.